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Breaking News Today : In a shocking turn of events, Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has issued a bold directive that is sure to get not only the football world talking but also living rooms across America. :” Tomlin said that any player who chooses to kneel during the national anthem is displaying a clear “hatred of America” ​​and will be immediately sent to the exit door .Read More Detail In comment



Breaking News Today

I have never ever understood. How In the world people from USA would take a knee on the greatest country in the world. My parents EXTREMELY PROUD from the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC ..



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fought very hard to come to this amazing country for a better tomorrow and I owe everything to them and this country. I just don’t get it. SUPER DUPER MILLIONARES taking a knee. WOW . And us just appreciating we have a job love this country. I guess I will stick with BASEBALL. Cause all of us appreciate everything that has given us an opportunity. You will never ever see a DOMINICAN BASEBALL PLAYER DISRESPECT USA…. and when there is one not behaving. WE ARE ACCOUNTABLE . WE LET HIM HAVE IT…

I love my parents country . But I was born in the best USA I will never take a knee. I would disgrace everything my family did for me. AND THE PEOPLE WHO FOUGHT FOR

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