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Breaking News :Travis Kelce finds his self in more complicated issue ‘NFL just Suspended Travis from playing over this ‘ Blamed Taylor Swift and Jason told Travis, “You crossed a line,”



Travis Kelce finds his self in more complicated issue

Travis Kelce Angry Moments: It has been a rough few days for the Kansas City Chiefs, losing three out of the last four matches in the NFL. It got even tougher in their Week 16 game against the Las Vegas Raiders when Travis Kelce couldn’t control the heat of the moment and had an outburst, first by jabbing his helmet and then by arguing with the head coach,


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Andy Reid.couldn’t handle the losing streak well. The star, who is dating Taylor Swift currently, couldn’t contain the emotion and jabbed the helmet during the match. To add oil to the fire, the 34-year-old also had a heated exchange with the head coach, and it was also seen that the coach was checking the player.But the coach was quick to dismiss any possible drift between those two by saying that it was just pure emotions that got the better of them.

“He went back in and did a nice job. Things happen, emotional game. Trav’s emotional, and sometimes my red hair gets to me a little bit, but it all works out.”


The coach was also asked whether the frustration was really escalating to another level, but he ruled out that possibility with a one-liner.

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