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BREAKING “Simone Biles Shatters Game  with $472M Mansion Purchase, Draws Criticism from Tennis ” Photos



with $472M Mansion Purchase

that she’ll share with her husband.

The first snap revealed the unfinished exterior of her abode that was still covered in plaster and surrounded by leveled dirt.




Simone Biles' sleek Texas home is out of this world – see photos | HELLO!



“Tiles are in,” she captioned the photo. Biles was excited to share that the “frames for the sliding doors are in,” in a snap that unveiled more of the bare wooden beams in the interior space.


Another image revealed a clear shot of Biles’ “favorite view” that she’ll be able to enjoy with Owens once their home is complete. The house appears to sit directly beside a body of water and is surrounded by lush greenery.Continuing the tour, the newlywed wrote, “Can’t decide if this is the hallway of my dreams or the ones that are in my nightmares lmao,” beside a photo that showed a door frame and high ceilings starting to take shape.

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