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Jason Kelce is gifted $7k SAXOPHONE by local Philadelphia business in honor of his Eagles retirement



Kelce told the publication last year

‘I consider a lot of my growth as a player and as a person happened learning the saxophone: being coached by conductors and teachers, reading sheet music and understanding how to practice by repeating the same thing over and over again and you see how much easier the song becomes,’ Kelce told the publication last year.



Jason Kelce saxophone


‘If you want to see how very cut-and-dry, how practice can cause you to improve, play an instrument. There’s not going to be anything more cut-and-dry. The first time you play the piano, you’re going to be pretty freaking bad. You’ll get better pretty quick just by practicing. The value of practice and the value in putting in extra time, all of that was taught from music.’

Kelce would go on to have a stellar 13-year career with the Eagles, featuring six All-Pro selections and one Super Bowl win.

He confirmed last week that he was presented with an unexpected retirement gift during a charity golf outing on Monday: a saxophone.

The former Eagles center, who announced his retirement this offseason, played the instrument in high school and has spoken frequently about his affinity for music.


And with plenty more time on his hands after hanging up his cleats, Kelce will have a beautiful baritone saxophone to play, as seen in a vide

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