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Lip reader shares exactly what Travis Kelce said to Taylor Swift during Wembley concert SEE MORE:



what Travis Kelce said to Taylor

City Chiefs star supposedly yelled while carrying his seemingly exhausted girlfriend across the stage at Wembley.

Later in the act, Swift pretended to faint before saying: ‘I don’t want to!’



He's her No1 fan! Taylor Swift's Superbowl-winning fella Travis Kelce  PERFORMS on stage with her at Wembley - carrying her across the stage then  fanning her to the delight of the crowd |




The top-hatted Kelce dramatically fanned Swift before telling her: ‘You get back out thereNo, this wasn’t Shakespeare at the Globe. But for Swifties in London – and maybe some Chiefs fans back in Kansas City – it qualified as captivating.

The performance even made an impact at ESPN, where Pat McAfee insists Swift is Kelce’s on-field inspiration.

After one of McAfee’s panelists suggested that the tight end is about to have his ‘last dance’ this upcoming season, the host went on about how Kelce is motivated by Swift’s notoriety.


‘I think Taylor motivates him to continue to go,’ McAfee said. ‘I think he watches her do her thing, and he goes: “Holy s***, she sells out stadiums in every city around the entire world, she continues to make bangers, she’s hands-on in everything.”

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