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New video of Taylor Swift baby bump is out as fans, are excited for a possible pregnancy with Travis Kelce’s child



New video of Taylor Swift baby

are becoming more frequent.

Nothing has been confirmed or denied, but this time a new video shows a closer and clearer look than those that have gone viral in the past.



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The video quickly reached over 6 million views on TikTok, and Swifties began to fill the comment section within minutes, sparking a debate about the possible pregnancy. What became even more evident was the fact that fans of the “Karma” singer are overly excited about the arrival of a Kelce-Swift baby.

Recorded by a fan who was in the front rows, Taylor Swift appeared in an incredible black suit with red glitter snakes to perform “Delicate” from the Reputation Era. Up close, Swift appeared to have a larger bump than normal around her midsection, which was evident by everyone in the audience.


Some fans didn’t hesitate to defend the singer, stating that women tend to bloat during their period or simply when traveling, so it’s normal for the body to fluctuate. Others insisted it was more than evident that the singer was already 4 to 5 months pregnant.

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