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Travis Kelce Appears to Wipe Away Tears as Taylor Swift Sings to Him in Amsterdam




NFL star Travis Kelce was apparently moved to tears as his girlfriend Taylor Swift sang a trio of songs believed to be dedicated to her new beau.



During her final show in Amsterdam on Saturday, July 6, Swift performed a mashup of three songs—”Mary’s Song,” ” Everything Has Changed,” and “So High School”—spanning her more than a decade-long career.

Her consistently-supportive boyfriend, Kelce, was once again in attendance, and appeared to get pretty emotional as Swift sang a slew of romantic lyrics that fans believe were performed specifically for and to Kelce.

In a video shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, Kelce can be seen swaying to his girlfriend’s performance in the crowd, recording her final Amsterdam “Eras Tour” show on his phone before apparently wiping tears away from his eyes.

Shortly after, Brittany Mahomes—who is married to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes—appeared in the frame and seemed to check on Kelce to see if he was OK as he continued to seemingly wipe away tears.
It Kelce truly was wiping away tears as his girlfriend serenaded him in front of thousands of adoring fans, it was certainly for good reason.

During one of the songs in which he seemingly grew the most emotional, Swift was singing lyrics that could easily be interpreted as an ode to her relationship with the 3-time Super Bowl champ.
“Cause all I know is we said, ‘Hello’/ And your eyes look like comin’ home/ All I know is a simple name/And everything has changed.”

If you’re not crying, check your pulse.

Devoted Swift fans even went so far as to dive into the meaning behind the superstar deciding to incorporate those three specific songs into such a romantic mashup.

“Mary’s song is from the Debut era. She sings about two people who meet, fall in love, and are together forever,” a fan posted on X, along with a screenshot of the Travis-inspired mashup theory. “There’s a line she sings in it that says ‘I’ll be 87 and you’ll be 89.’ 87 is Travis’ jersey number. Taylor was born in 1989. Invisible string theory.”
The theory went on to explain that “Everything Has Changed” is from the Red era, and Travis’ jersey colors are red and gold.

“This song could be theorized as to how Taylor and Travis had an instant love connection with each other.” And of course, it’s at this point well known that “So High School” is dedicate to Kelce and how their relationship makes Swift feel as though she’s back in high school.

“The three songs together are a mashup love song dedicated to Travis, saying how she felt when they met, how she feels when they’re together, and her wish that she wants to stay together forever,” the theory concluded.

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