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Travis Kelce’s Confession About ‘Filthy’ Lifestyle Before Taylor Swift Has Stunned Their Fans



Renowned NFL players and brothers, Travis and Jason Kelce, recently engaged in a nostalgic conversation on their podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce Presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment, where they fondly recalled their college experiences at the University of Cincinnati. Despite Travis’ rumored romance with pop sensation Taylor Swift, he didn’t hold back when discussing their less-than-pristine living conditions during college.


Travis Kelce’s Confession About ‘Filthy’ Lifestyle Before Taylor Swift Has Stunned Their Fans

Travis Kelce’s Confession About ‘Filthy’ Lifestyle Before Taylor Swift Has Stunned Their Fans

Among the tales recounted was the peculiar centerpiece of their living space—a large outdoor garbage can situated in the heart of their living room. Travis, speaking candidly, described their living situation as “filthy,” but emphasized the fond memories they created in their unconventional home. During their time at the University of Cincinnati in the mid-2000s, the Kelce brothers shared living quarters with teammates, adding to the vibrant ambiance of their home. Travis fondly recalled Jason’s stint as a makeshift mixologist, providing whiskey refreshments to their college team during St. Patrick’s Day festivities.
Sharing a humorous anecdote, Travis recounted how Jason ingeniously repurposed a water bottle, filling it with Jameson whiskey for hydration during spring practice.

Even with Jason’s unorthodox approach to hydration, his resourcefulness didn’t hinder his journey to success, culminating in his achievement of reaching the NFL. Moreover, Travis and Jason Kelce reminisced about their college dwelling, recollecting the sight of a large outdoor garbage can occupying the living room, overflowing with pizza boxes, beer bottles, and remnants of past meals.

Despite their current status as NFL stars the Kelce brothers fondly recalled their humble beginnings and the unforgettable experiences they shared as college roommates. Meanwhile, Ed, the father of Travis remains confident in the compatibility of his son and pop star Swift, he admits to harboring concerns as any father would for his son’s well-being.

The duo made several headlines with their dates last year. Raised in the limelight himself, Ed understands the pressures of fame, yet the magnitude of attention since Travis and Swift’s union has brought new dimensions to their lives. Despite her global stardom, Ed attests to her genuine warmth and humility, mitigating some apprehensions but leaving room for parental concern
When Ed first met the Anti-Hero hitmaker, he didn’t immediately recognize her, much to the chagrin of his Swiftie girlfriend. Despite this initial hiccup, Ed and the Swift family have developed a good relationship, even bonding over watching the Super Bowl together. He fondly recalls an instance during the Super Bowl where she demonstrated her humility by picking up trash from Ed and his friends.
Ed shared a similar anecdote with PEOPLE back in October, recounting Swift’s gesture of tidying up the suite during an event. He described how she effortlessly picked up empty bottles, cans, and plates left scattered around, displaying a humble and down-to-earth demeanor

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