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“Will you be mine forever”- The Moment is finally here as Jalen Sera finally propose to Coco Gauff fter appering on stage for a surprise appearance




There has been a lot of discussion around Coco Gauff’s relationship context during the last few months. Following her US Open victory, the conversation exploded, and after her and her presumed boyfriend’s latest Instagram photos, it will explode once more.



Coco Gauff receives delightful response from Jalen Sera as she celebrates  his birthday with a fond memory of them together




There were more indications, before their previous encounter, that the two could be romantically engaged. In a post on Instagram, Gauff’s supposed partner, a musician, witnessed himself being showered with affection.

Gauff is not immune to the charm of Valentine’s Week, which has begun. Not only have the rumors about her dating Jalen Sera increased, but they are now being reported by mainstream media as reality. Although supporters have been talking about it since last year, they have been interacting on social media more frequently since her US Open victory. Gauff just posted a few photos from her walk in the forest to her Instagram feed.


In the calm, beautiful surroundings of nature, she took a few selfies. She sent her followers a couple of photos she had taken of rabbits and birds. But fans had yet another treat in store.

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