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Furious Swifies call for concert rule change after celebrities post tone- deaf selfies at Eras tour shows



change after celebrities post tone

-among the crowds at Accor Stadium this weekend.

But the presence of celebrities and their children has upset some Swifties, who argue it’s not fair to bring along kids who are too young to appreciate the concert environment – and that by doing so they are depriving real fans of tickets.Many complained about tickets going to the small children of A-listers who could not enjoy the full show – which ended at about 11.15pm – while proper fans missed out.



Furious Swifties call for concert rule change after Aussie celebrities  posted tone-deaf selfies with their kids: This is why fans are so upset |  Daily Mail Online




Some even went so far as to say Swift concerts should be restricted to people over the age of 12.’The hardest concert in the world to get tickets to and so many fans missing out for kids to sleep through it. I bet if this was an over-12 event then many more fans would be there.’

‘I agree with you, there were people with tired kids giving [away] their tickets to the last half of the concert when we sat outside to listen. Lovely and kind people, they embody being a Swiftie,’ said another.

‘We had four next to us fast asleep for half the show in Melbourne. Take them home and put them in bed if they are not up to it,’ they added.

‘Literally [this is] why kids under 10 should not be taken to concerts. I really think there should be an age limit on shows when they are that sold out,’ said another.


‘So many people would have paid double to go or would have liked to have attended but so many families leave half way through with tired and emotional children,’ one more agreed.

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