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JUST IN: “Travis Kelce announces his retirement, heartbroken, following the tragic passing of his beloved mother, Donna Kelce, in an accident.”



Kelce announces his retirement, heartbroken

after his Philadelphia Eagles team was knocked out of the playoffs on Jan. 15.

“They love the people and they love the coaches,” Donna says of what Travis and Jason value about the sport that they’ve played since they were kids.



Travis Kelce announces his retirement



“They just love the whole aspect about it,” she adds, noting the “very small community.”Although Jason is center for the Eagles and Travis is tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, Donna says “everybody is very close even in different teams.” That’s just another reason why she “believes” hers sons’ involvement with football to some degree “will be the case” in retirement.

Teams aside, Donna points out their respective personalities. “I know them,” the proud mom begins to explain of her “very determined” and “very focused” sons.“Anything they want to do, I truly believe they could do. I’ve seen it over and over again,” Donna continues. “They are just very tenacious, very much, ‘I’m going to see this through.’ They just never give up. They just keep moving on.”


And though Donna says she has “a feeling sports is going to be in there somewhere if they could,” she points out that it’s “fun to see” Jason be a parent too! “It’s just so heartening to see how he is as a father and a husband,” she says of her son,

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