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Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes rises to career-high No. 2 in world NFL rankings



Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes rises

Patrick Mahomes. That’s it. That’s the article. Well, maybe not.

Mahomes, 25, has a chance to become the youngest NFL quarterback in history with two championship rings if he can unseat Tom Brady and the Buccaneers What were you doing before age 26? Yelling at your roommate for leaving their dirty socks on the kitchen table



The making of Patrick Mahomes, the highest-paid man in sports history | NFL  News | Sky Sports



(again)? Working hard in the early years of your career wondering when you were going to pay off student loans? Trying to wash off the Sharpie on your face after having one too many whisky sours the night before?

While the sports media hype machine has a unique way of taking the newest, shiniest toy and shoving it down your gullet, Mahomes has earned every bit of praise spoken in his direction since he burst onto the scene in 2018. Even in a league where offense is king, it’s not supposed to be this easy — Mahomes has just made it look that way, even though he entered the NFL on the heels of a less-than-spectacular college career.


Mahomes’ impact is far beyond just being a perenniel MVP candidate and Super Bowl champ. Everywhere you go, you see him: Shampoo ads, on Twitter, on baseball fields, but most importantly, this Sunday in the Super Bowl, the Chiefs’ second consecutive appearance in the big game.

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