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News Now: Taylor Swift finally reveals the reason why she didn’t followed Travis Kelce for Kentucky Derby, She said: “am Addicted to alcohol this may course more harm than good” Below as she aired out what her parent told her about her alcoholic.



people want my relationship

ans made it known that they were over the rumored relationship — and that the athlete career would pay the price.Kelce spoke to members of the press on Friday afternoon. While at the podium, the NFL tight end was inevitably asked about his rumored relationship and if the spotlight on his personal life affected his ability to focus on his play.



Breaking News:Taylor swift angrily say so many people want my relationship with Travis Kelce to be trashed and broken. If you are a fan of mine and you want my relationship to continue and stand strong, let me hear you say a big YES!”… Full story




Kelce confessed that he’s never been better.

“As all the attention comes, it feels like, you know — I was on top of the world after the Super Bowl and right now even more on top of the world now,” the Chiefs star said.”You have got a lot of people that care about Taylor, for good reason. Got to keep living and learning and enjoying the moments,” Kelce continued. “We’re learning with the paparazzi Chiefs player — and suggested that he would soon become the subject of a Swift song.

On X, formerly Twitter, Barstool Sports founder and self-proclaimed Swiftie Dave Portnoy chimed in, “Travis Kelce Says Dating Taylor Swift Is Better Than Winning A Superbowl And I Am Officially Now On Board The Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce Relationship.”


Portnoy’s replies were soon filled with outraged followers who called the rumored pairing the “greatest pr stunt in recent history.”

pregnancy as she prepared
NEWS6 hours ago

Wishing a joyful birthday to Elliotte, daughter of Jason Kelce! Today, Jason Kelce celebrates his daughter and lovingly describes her as his precious jewel.”

music festival in Kansas City
NEWS12 hours ago

BREAKING NEWS: ‘She didn’t tell me she’ll be here’ Travis Kelce in TEARS as Taylor Swift Makes Surprise Epic Entrance at ‘Jam Kelce’ music festival in Kansas City, Amid Ongoing Eras Tour In Paris

biggest wedding ever
NEWS18 hours ago

Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift’s Families Confirm Engagement Rumors. It’ll be the biggest wedding ever…can’t wait for it to become official .H

shortly after arriving at the field
NEWS18 hours ago

“Fans have criticized Taylor Swift, noting that she began consuming alcohol in public shortly after arriving at the field, not even 25minutes into her appearance.”

-Benching Decision Amid Graduation
NEWS19 hours ago

Coach Andy Reid Stands by Harrison Butker: Explains Non-Benching Decision Amid Graduation Speech Backlash “He did nothing wrong”

discusses his personal development
NEWS19 hours ago

Travis Kelce discusses his personal development in the spotlight since he started dating Taylor Swift.

Travis is purely business and Baby
NEWS20 hours ago

Cheater is always a cheat, don’t be carried away by his tricks, Kim Kardashian told that Taylor swift relationship with Travis is purely business and Baby Boy Travis is unsophisticated: Here is her prove

weekend for the Eagles Autism Foundation
NEWS1 day ago

The Eagles Autism Challenge raised over $8M this weekend for the Eagles Autism Foundation!! Kudos to everyone involved.

Travis Kelce and you want both to get married
NEWS1 day ago

Fans if you are happy seeing Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce and you want both to get married say a big YES and click below

using her lyrics in controversial speech
NEWS2 days ago

Chiefs star Harrison Butker slammed by Taylor Swift after using her lyrics in controversial speech

over Viral commencement speech
NEWS2 days ago

BREAKING Kansas City kicker Harrison Butker Teary-eyed announced sudden retirement regarding NFL suspension decision over Viral commencement speech ” I don’t feel love “

NEWS2 days ago

Kim Kardashian is back BACK and REACTS and wants Travis Kelce more after the footage of Travis Kelce saying he chose to MARRY her over Taylor Swift.. Send A SERIOUS MESSAGE to Taylor Swift…

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