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Chandler Parsons’ prank on Travis Kelce backfires as NFL star dances to Taylor Swift’s music



Travis Kelce backfires as NFL star dances to Taylor Swift music


Kelce was seen in a social media video rocking to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood”. Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce showcased his unshakable focus and sense of humor on the golf course recently, as friends attempted to throw him off his game by blaring Taylor Swift’s hit song “Bad Blood” in the background.


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's Romance

Chandler Parsons’ golf course prank on Travis Kelce
In a hilarious turn of events captured on former NBA player Chandler Parsons’ Instagram Story, Kelce not only remained unfazed but also delivered an impressive swing, much to the chagrin of his pals.

As the catchy tune filled the air, Kelce, confidently lined up his shot, undeterred by the playful antics of his companions.

With a successful swing, he proved that even amidst the distraction, his prowess on the golf course remains unmatched.

Kelce’s response to the situation was nothing short of entertaining.

Upon hitting the green, he celebrated by using his iron as an air guitar, belting out Swift’s lyrics with infectious enthusiasm.

His friends, initially hoping to rattle him, found themselves laughing along with Kelce as he effortlessly turned the tables on their prank.

Parsons, sharing the amusing moment, couldn’t help but commend Kelce’s unflappable nature, affirming, ‘@KillaTrav cannot be rattled.’

Travis Kelce’s busy offseason with Taylor Swift
Kelce’s off-field escapades have been making headlines lately, particularly his romantic getaway with girlfriend Taylor Swift to the Bahamas.

The couple, enjoying some well-deserved rest after Kelce’s Super Bowl victory, has been spotted indulging in leisurely activities, further solidifying their bond.

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