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Travis Kelce ‘threatens’ to gain weight as he defends the ‘Dad Bod’ Taylor Swift likes



Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce cute


Travis Kelce is set to face a big challenge next month as he plans to smash a massive 30-slice pizza in Ohio before recording a live episode of his podcast ‘New Heights’ with his brother, Jason. The Kelce brothers shared details of their gastronomic endeavor during the latest episode of ‘New Heights’ recorded on Wednesday.


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Hung Out Several Times in a

Travis, who recently made headlines for defending his ‘Dad Bod’ during a beach outing with girlfriend Taylor Swift, joked about the upcoming food feat.

“I’ve seen you eat a full Bearcat all by yourself,” Jason told his brother.

“And I was bigger than you right now!” Travis responded.

“You were enormous,” Jason noted. “Might’ve been the most impressive physical feat I’ve ever seen you do.”

“I got back down to 250 [pounds] and won a Super Bowl that year,” Travis recalled.

Scheduled for April 11 at Nippert Stadium in Cincinnati, the live podcast recording will be preceded by a visit to Adriatico’s Pizza, where the duo intends to take on the formidable ‘bearcat’ pizza. While the restaurant advertises the ‘bearcat’ as feeding 10-12 people with 30 slices, Travis is confident in his capacity to conquer it.

Joked about their weights

In addition to discussing their pizza plans, the Kelce brothers shared banter about their weights, with Travis playfully teasing Jason about their similar sizes, especially after a vacation picture with Swift prompted weight-related jokes.

Guest Saquon Barkley, the newest Eagles signing, even joined in on the fun, querying the brothers about who would win a drinking contest, sparking more light-hearted banter between the siblings about their respective drinking capacities and weights.

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